Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baskerville Project

At long last, here is *most* of the book on the Baskerville font that I had to create for my Typography class last semester. It was up to us to illustrate the unique journey that each font took from past to present. 

This is what I came up with:
Firstly, we only had a weekend to complete this project, on top of finals week, so I wanted my design to be simple and to speak for itself. That way, I wouldn't have to write an actual story, but just guide the reader through illustration. 
"Baskerville improves legibility and readability."
John Baskerville was an atheist, so it's ironic that his font was used in the publication of thousands of Bibles. 
 Audrey's face took a long time to build. I used letters from Baskerville to re-create her face. 
I absolutely love my watercolor Photoshop brushes.
The end of the book only said "The End." I could have included it, but these are the designs that I am proud of. "The End" did not make the cut. 

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