Friday, June 29, 2012

Things have been insane lately. My internship has really sapped my strength, not to mention creative energy. I barely have time to sleep as it is. My day starts at 7am and ends at 5pm when I get off work, wolf down whatever my bare cupboards can scrounge, and fall into bed only to repeat it the next day. I know it sounds like I'm complaining, I try not to. I really am thankful for this internship. Without it I can't graduate. Anyways, I've really fallen behind on my posting. I have so many ideas, but with the weekends being my only time off, creative things get put on the back burner. BUT, I have fun posts coming up, so stay tuned!
This is just me. Simple. Nothing fancy.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

She's my hero. She can do no wrong I tell you! 

It's time I try my hand at levitation. 
It's like seeing sound, or wind, or emotion. 
It's like looking at how music, a field of wildflowers, or a kiss, make me feel.
It's amazing

This weekend I'll experiment, but if I don't like the results I won't post them. Especially following these glorious shots. I need to hone my Photoshop skills anyways.
Check out Miss Aniela and Brooke Shaden, many of whose images are featured above. They will blow your mind with their extraordinary gift for photography.

Soaring, tumbling, swelling, breaking

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I love this top. Well, I love it now. I think my grandma gave it to me, like a decade ago, and its been hiding in my closet until I happened across it a few weeks ago. Back then, when I was a gawkward, gangly, bean pole, all I wanted was to fit in. Oh, the money I've wasted over the years on Abercrombie and Hollister, trying to impress the masses of bland kids who I've never seen again.  I'm still on the uphill, baby! You can only go up from the rock-bottoms of middle school.

Nancy Drew

I love books. They are a present that you can open again and again. They are always a friend when you're lonely, and can take you to another world. If I could have my way, I'd have a huge library like the ones from My Fair Lady or Beauty and the Beast, surrounded by my favorite literature. In 100 years, who is to say that books will even survive? The internet is slowly replacing the worn, loved, and dog-eared pages that I love so dearly. So, books are a treasure to me. I have four 1930-1940 Edition Nancy Drew books that I got from my grandmother that I adore, as well as a number of other vintage books. The scent of and old book combined with hot tea is such a familiar and comforting scent that is one of my favorites.

Friday, June 15, 2012

TGIF! I mean really, this week could not have been longer.
My job is getting intensely stressful: Blah Blah Blah, stereotypical internship complaints. But next week is is paycheck week, so its a light at the end of the tunnel. Only 9 weeks to go. 
ANYWAYS, I love true vintage finds. "Vintage" is a word that's really thrown around these days. But this stuff- this stuff is the real deal. Either passed down from generations or found in the corner of antique stores, you can't get any more unique.
A few of my favorite jewelry pieces that I've collected over the years! Each one is unique and has a story to tell.
 I actually found this awesome mirror at Goodwill! It's a treasure trove, I tell you.
 Probably my favorite piece. My mom bought it from the BCM when she was in college. Totes wearing this to the premiere of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.
 Second favorite piece: A vintage brooch from my great grandmother. I love costume jewelry, and this looks perfect pinned to a blazer or even to a headband!
Ok, and my third favorite(s): An Auca Indian wedding ring, and a vintage spoon ring. I found the wedding ring in my grandmas jewelry box, and she let me have it! She and my grandpa were missionaries in Peru, Columbia, and Ecuador, and their house is full of cool finds. Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie have nothing on my grandparents house. It's like a shrine to the unique, the cultural, and the whimsical. The spoon ring I found in an awesome antique store down the road from my house! I love the detailing on it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I love masks. And lace. And big bows. So I threw them all together and traipsed out into the woods for an adventure. This sheer lace dress was actually thrifted and revised to what you see here. The only issue is the waist is a little large on me; a belt would have fixed that problem. I found the mask in the dollar store around Marti-Gras, and I wear it occasionally in society- usually when I take out the trash. I get a lot of funny looks.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Adele and Jesus

I'm going to go ahead and say that I have jumped on this runaway lennon/maisy train. Pardon my french, but these girls are damn talented! And you know it's good parenting when your children are into this kind of music instead of Justin Beiber and LMFAO. I love these girls but they make me wonder what I am doing with my life. I almost hope they don't get discovered, they are too special to be churned out and ruined by some big label. But if an indie label takes them on, you bet I'll be first in line to buy their album!

Adele and Jesus indeed. 

Ethereal, willowy, slightly mussed, wild and free

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lately, I've been kind of obsessed with rabbits. They are so cuddly and whimsical and remind me of England (where the best bunnies come from of course!) and teatime and...just make me happy. I've never gotten to have one as a pet, but someday, I will have a little Peter Rabbit hopping around my apartment! The idea for this post actually came as I was trying to do spring cleaning in my computer, when I realized how much bunny paraphernalia I had stored away. So here are a few of my favorite bunny things:

One of my favorite blogger's, Opium Poppies, has a rabbit who makes appearances in her photography once in a while. Seriously, check out her blog. She's insanely amazing.