Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dandy Lion

We had to create a label design for my Flexography class. We were restricted to two spot colors, and since the department had an over-abundance of greens, green it was. This was a really simple design, but I turned it into a complicated process (as usual) by choosing difficult images to work with.

I loved this lion art that I've had on my computer forever, but needed to convert him into a silhouette  and then a vector so that I could apply a trap in Illustrator. It took a lot of Google-ing, which there is NO shame in doing, but after several angry rants at my computer- I was victorious! I also love the art deco font that I found, called Magna.

Anyways, we start production on them Tuesday, so I'm excited to add more stickers to my collection! Let me know if you want one! :)

xx Anneliese

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