Thursday, May 24, 2012

Top 10 Lovely List

1. THIS BED! It's so beautiful and ethereal. I don't care how over-the-top it is, although the price is enough to keep it out of reach! With this Forest Canopy Bed, you would always feel like an elvish princess! 

2. Technically not furniture, but still an awesome decor idea: Turning ordinary plates into dinner art! Check it out at the The Ruffle House!

3. I love this mirror collage idea! I had a failed attempt at it once (trying to age mirrors with muriatic acid gloveless-bad idea!) but plan to try again when I finish all the other projects that are stacked all over my apartment. 

4. I am so in love right now with mirrored furniture. I don't even know why. Maybe I just like shiny things. Regardless, there are lots of options now without cleaning out your budget. You can find them at Target and Anthropologie and Pottery barn has a whole mirrored bedroom set

5. Chevron's make everything better! I make it a personal challenge to never pay high dollar for "vintage" furniture that I could make myself with a little effort. I am always scouting out my local Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity re-store, and the awesome antique stores around my area for unique pieces. Anyone can have the furniture of your dreams! If you like antique furniture, there are so many DIY tutorials to turn an ordinary item into something special. 

 6. Nothing says "Ahhh" better than lounging on this beauty with a cup on tea and a good book.
7. I actually have this shower curtain, and it never ceases to make me smile! Based of of one of my favorite movies, Singing in the Rain, this design is one of my favorites!

8. I love this lamp! I love anything whimsical, elvish, and well...lovely

9. Not exactly furniture, but I love Anthropologie window displays. Every detail, from the wallpaper to the shelving units, is perfect!

10. Words to live by. 

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