Saturday, May 24, 2014

Class of 2014

Tonight I am back at the Battlefield (a.k.a Sandy Creek High) for Linnea's high school graduation. It's been 5 years now since I graduated, but it still looks and feels the exact same. It's amazing how much has happened since then. Sometimes I think about all the memories that were made there, all the times my friends and I hung out in the parking lot after school until the security guard chased us away, the time my friend Catie and I got stuck in the middle of a cross country race while riding our horses on the trails behind the school, and the time there was a food fight in the cafeteria that ended with the principal getting hit in the face with a Chickfila biscuit. Sounds amazing, right?

All jokes aside, graduating high school is a tremendous accomplishment. Next to the monotonous busywork and drama of trying to  be "popular", college for me was a lot easier. No college level course I've ever taken was ever as hard as my 10th grade gifted History class taught by Dr. Pattiz. Our first assignment was a 100 page essay on the Origin of Man. I'm not even sure it was in English. But college was fun. I met some of the most awesome people of all time, and fell in love with my best friend. I had some professors that made me love what I was learning so much that I actually kept my textbooks instead of using the money on things I was rescued by the Lord and learned what it was like to love and be loved by Him. I can only hope that Linnea's college experience will be as much of an adventure as mine was, and I wish her all the best. 

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