Monday, October 1, 2012

It was always you.

This half of the year, we don't have much to look forward to until Christmas. Come January, it's Ben's birthday, Valentine's Day, my birthday, and then our real anniversary, all in the span of a couple months. So I wanted to do something special on our 2 and a half year anniversary, since Ben has been so sweet and supportive of me, and because we both needed a little cheering up. 
My grandma Millie's tea pot was used in the celebration, as I know she would have loved to have been there. She always asked about Ben, and loved bragging about him to anyone and everyone who would listen. She was the sweetest, most generous and loving woman I have ever known, who lived such a full life for the glory of the Lord. I miss her, but I know that she is loved beyond measure where she is now.
I made heart shaped strawberry and krispy kreme kabobs, which were delish
 (Forgive the crappy picture quality, it as so windy and rainy and I guess our hands were shaking!)
We exchanged Threadless tee's, I LOVE mine! Ben's was titled, "Foam Monster in Emotional Reunion with Severed Limb". 
Feeling like a lion, everything is rawrsome. 
My version of a moonlight picnic. 
We sipped Earl Grey (Ben's favorite) from my favorite hidden animal cups and practiced our British accents. I got the Fox cup and Ben got the Squirrel (quite appropriate, I think). 
All in all it was a great night, despite the rain, wind, and fact that we both had a really stressful day. 
I love you Ben Manis :)

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