Sunday, October 28, 2012

Little Red

What do y'all think of my window design concept? This is part of a project for my visual merchandising course. Among other things, we have to come up with a detailed plan for a window display, including a theme, color scheme, and include design elements such as balance, shape, and line. I've always liked the whole "dark fairy tale" idea, and movies like "Snow White and the Huntsman" and "Red Riding Hood" have recently made it popular. Obviously, this is a bare-bones style board, but it helps me to visualize it all better. We decided to do a vintage store, because well, they're better, and we would have more freedom as far as the clothes we advertised.
It's a modern take on a classic. We have the dapper wolf, and the lace and crimson clad Red. The background will be dark, maybe with some Christmas lights to give a little depth. I'll create branches from cardboard boxes and spray paint them black to create a black forest mask around the window. Then we can focus on the mannequins, and have a solitary light illuminating them.

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