Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Best Things

The best things in life don't seem particularly special at the time. They just seem like good things, good times, good laughs. It is only when you look back, when you remember, in contrast to the present, that they are marked as truly remarkable. You see what a precious and unique thing you had, even though you didn't know it. My desire is to live each day to the fullest. To love deeply, despite the possibility of pain, to be vulnerable, and to laugh those aching and silent laughs that cause tears to stream down your cheeks.
I guess I am just feeling rather nostalgic. And while the past can remind us of the things we loved, the future is uncharted territory. It is full of joyful moments, of beauty, of life. Yes, and pain too. Isn't it wonderful how pain and sorrow can be used to magnify joy and peace? That even though the worst may happen, the Lord uses it to work for good, to create something new and strong. We can't even fear Death, or Evil. No creature, angel, demon, or human can take away our Life, our forever with Jesus Christ. I want to live every day appreciating my time here like the precious gift it is. And I'm not saying that I always do, I can be as pessimistic and cynical as the next person. But man, I can do and be anything through the strength of the Lord. There is nothing to fear, because it is already planned. Each day has a purpose.

And that is a comforting thought. 
Only 7 more days left in Statesboro!

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