Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Home for the Weekend

I was able to come home for a few days to interview at the location I am trying to transfer to full-time, and had a chance to see my family and hang out with my sisters. We were out enjoying the day and decided to come back to one of our old favorite places- The Pooh Bridge. Now, I know that many people nowadays do not know who Winnie the Pooh is, or have never played Pooh-sticks (shame on you!), but it was a tradition in my family. And this is the location we used to play it at (hence the name).
What was once a lovely flowing creek and a busy park, today is overgrown, neglected and the creek holds barely a trickle. But we still love it, and like remembering all the memories we had playing there.
I've really been in love with Hunter Green lately. Even though it's not really a "summer" color, I decided to go with it for a much needed manicure. 
I was wearing:

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